A listen to JP Moblo

I often like to think that I’ve forged my own path in life, but in truth, my journey has been profoundly shaped by my parents. My mother was a relentless challenger of conventional wisdom, constantly pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the world. Her unyielding curiosity encouraged me to question the accepted norms and seek my own truths.

Conversely, my father stood as an unyielding pillar of faith. His unwavering belief in Jesus Christ and his dedication to upholding Christ’s principles, whether through the trials of war in the Pacific or in the nurturing of a large family, instilled within me the courage to embark on my own journey of faith. His example taught me the importance of seeking a personal connection with Him and being shaped by the timeless teachings of the Word, regardless of how unconventional they might appear to the world.

Though I’ve walked my path, the imprints of their influence are etched in every step. I think about them often. In essence, I’ve inherited the spirit of curiosity and the strength of faith from them, blending these two forces into a unique journey that’s both individual and a reflection of their profound impact on my life.