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Whether you’re a novice looking to up your thriving career or an old hat, trying to find the best pens for bullet journaling is one of the journeys that can help you succeed.

This guide includes gelly roll pens known for their smooth ink flow and vibrant colors and the exceptional handling of Tombow brush pens for those seeking versatility in their artistic expressions.

There are many good reasons, but finding the best pens for us was based on factors such as ink quality, tip precision, comfort, and overall value for money, ensuring they meet the criteria for the best bullet journal pens available.

Check out the 5 Pens to Start your Bullet Journal

Check out the top 5 pens to kickstart your bullet journaling journey! From smooth-writing gel pens to vibrant brush markers, these essential tools will elevate your journaling experience.

best 5 Pick

1. Sakura Pigma Micron


A favorite black pen among bullet journalists for its archival-quality ink, precise tip sizes, and fade-resistant formula. It ensures a smear-free writing experience akin to the precision of the finest tip pen options

  • Variety Colors
  • Variety Tips
  • Archival Ink


  • Dry out quickly
  • Tendency to Fray
best 5 Pick

2. Tombow Dual Brush Pens


These pens have a flexible brush tip on one end and a fine-point tip on the other, which makes them our choice for bullet journaling because they are perfect for hand lettering. 

These Tombow brush pens bring your bullet journal to life re great for this kind of creative work

  • Water Based Pens
  • Smooth Blending
  • Both Ends One Pen


  • May dry out
  • Colors may be missing
best 5 Pick

3. Pilot G2 Gel Pens


Known for their smooth ink flow and comfortable grip, Pilot G2 Gel Pens are a popular choice for everyday writing and bullet journaling alike. With a retractable design and refillable ink cartridges, these pens offer excellent value for money and come in a variety of vibrant colors, showcasing why such pens are great for those dedicated to their bullet journaling craft

  • Smooth Writing
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Last long


  • Ink smear
  • Color options
best 5 Pick

4. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens


The pens are renowned for their , securing their position as some of the best pens and markers for bullet journaling. The superfine 0.3mm tip ensures precise lines and minimal bleed-through, making them one of the best pens for bullet journaling. They are perfect for intricate doodles, color-coding, and highlighting in your bullet journal, much like the benefits of Pitt artist pens for detailed work.

  • Sturdy Felt Tips
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Extensive Color Range


  • May dry out
  • Fraying
best 5 Pick

5. Zebra Mildliner Highlighters


There are wonderful to add a pop of color to your bullet journal without overwhelming the page. A staple in any bullet journal pen set. These dual-tip markers feature a chisel tip for broad highlighting and a fine bullet tip for underlining and detailing, making them versatile marker pens for any bullet journal and a top pick among the best pens.

  • Dual tips
  • Soft colors
  • Metal cover


  • Lighter ink
  • Limited Color

What is Bullet Journaling?

If you’re looking for a go-to tool to elevate your self-guided organization and goal attainment, consider bullet journals. 

Use this helpful guide to enhance your new organizing tool to choose one of the 5 best pens for bullet journaling.

We feature a curated selection of ink pens and markers that stand out for their quality and versatility, including the ever-popular Tombow brush pens and Pitt artist pens for a comprehensive writing and drawing experience.

Bullet journaling has become a popular method for organizing thoughts, tasks, and goals, and having the right pen, such as a fine-tip pen or a Tombow brush pen, can make all the difference in the quality of your entries. In this article, we’ll explore the top picks for pens that offer smooth writing, vibrant colors, and durability, ensuring that your bullet journal is functional and stylish.

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Accidental History of Bullet Journaling

The origins of bullet journaling trace back to Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer who developed the concept as a personal productivity tool in 2013.

Carroll, seeking a method to organize his thoughts and tasks, devised a simple yet flexible system based on rapid logging and bullet points. 

Initially shared as a personal productivity method, bullet journaling gained traction through social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where enthusiasts shared their unique journal layouts and creative spreads.

The system’s accessibility and adaptability sparked a surge in popularity, with individuals from all walks of life embracing bullet journaling as a means of self-expression, goal setting, and creative outlet.

So, what began as a personal experiment soon blossomed into a thriving community, with dedicated bullet journalers, affectionately known as “bujo” enthusiasts, exchanging ideas, tips, and inspiration online.

Today, bullet journaling has transcended its humble beginnings to become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring millions to take control of their lives, one bullet point at a time.

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Benefits of Choosing from the Best Pens for Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling isn’t just about keeping track of your to-do lists; it’s a versatile system that can help boost productivity, creativity, and mindfulness, especially when equipped with the best bullet journal pens that inspire writing and drawing.

By customizing your journal to suit your needs, you can streamline your daily tasks, set achievable goals, and even track habits and mood patterns.

For me finding when I jump into a focus-driven exercise that involves writing, choosing the best pens for bullet journaling is part of the task that makes it work best.

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Enhanced Productivity

Bullet journaling provides a structured format for organizing tasks, events, and appointments, allowing you to prioritize effectively and stay on track throughout the day with the assistance of the best pens and markers designed for such detailed planning.

With the right pens, such as those with black ink for clarity and dual-tip markers for versatility, you can create clear and visually appealing layouts that make it easy to see what needs to be done at a glance.

Creative Outlet

One of the joys of bullet journaling is the opportunity to express yourself creatively, often prompting individuals to want to write more, especially when using pens that glide smoothly over the paper, like the favored gelly roll pens.

Whether you enjoy doodling, hand-lettering, or adding decorative elements to your pages, the right pens can help bring your ideas to life with vibrant colors and smooth ink flow.

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Mindfulness and Reflection

Bullet journaling encourages mindfulness by prompting you to pause and reflect on your goals, accomplishments, and emotions, enhancing your writing experience.

Taking the time to journal can help reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and promote a sense of gratitude and perspective, often thanks to the fluid motion of a high-quality ink pen.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Bullet Journal Pens 

When selecting pens for bullet journaling, several factors come into play, including ink quality, tip size, comfort, and color variety, with many enthusiasts favoring gelly roll pens for their exceptional performance in these areas.

Ink Quality

The quality of ink can vary widely among pens, influencing factors such as smoothness, bleed-through, color vibrancy, and smudge resistance, all of which contribute to the overall writing experience.

When selecting pens, prioritize those with black ink known for its boldness and resistance to smudging, such as the renowned Pitt artist pens. Opting for pens with archival-quality ink ensures that your journal entries remain vibrant and legible over time, without fading or deteriorating.

Additionally, choosing pens that do not bleed through paper preserves the integrity of your journal pages, preventing unsightly ink stains and ensuring a pristine writing surface for future entries.

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Tip Size

The tip size of a pen plays a crucial role in determining the line width and level of detail achievable in your journal entries. Fine-tip pens excel in capturing intricate designs and small handwriting with precision and clarity, making them ideal for detailed work.

On the other hand, broader tips offer greater coverage and are well-suited for creating bold headlines and large lettering that commands attention. By selecting pens with varying tip sizes, such as erasable pens or ballpoint pens, you can tailor your journaling experience to meet your specific needs and preferences.

pen tips for writing

Comfort and Ergonomics

Given the extended periods of writing and drawing involved in bullet journaling, comfort and ergonomics are paramount considerations when choosing pens. Pens with ergonomic grips and lightweight designs reduce hand fatigue, ensuring a more enjoyable and sustainable journaling experience.

Brands like Tombow offer brush pens designed with ergonomic features to enhance comfort during long writing sessions, providing a perfect balance of functionality and comfort for your bullet journaling endeavors.

Color Variety

Whether you’re creating minimalist black-and-white layouts or embracing vibrant hues in your journal entries, having a diverse selection of colors at your disposal enhances creativity and visual appeal.

Invest in a set of pens with a wide range of colors, including erasable pens and ballpoint pens, to unleash your creativity and bring your journal to life.

Pens that do not bleed through paper ensure clean, crisp lines, allowing you to experiment with different color combinations and artistic techniques without worrying about smudging or ink transfer.

With the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and color variety, finding the best pens for your bullet journal becomes an exciting and rewarding journey.

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Wrapping Up

A smooth writing experience elevates your bullet journaling experience, allowing you to express yourself creatively and easily stay organized.

When starting a bullet journal I like to consider new pens as part of the new experience. 

Whether you prefer the precision of a fine-tip pen or the versatility of a dual-brush marker, for organizing there may be one or many perfect pens that round out the experience.

The different pens chosen for the new bullet journal experience consider factors such as ink quality, tip size, and comfort,  You can find pens that suit your unique needs and enhance your journaling journey with the pens I’ve found to be most effective and all are great for writing.  


Here are answers to some common questions about bullet journaling and pens, focusing on how to enhance your writing experience with the right bullet journal pens and exploring which pens come highly recommended for various journaling techniques.

What is bullet journaling, and how does it work?

 Bullet journaling is a customizable organization system that combines elements of a planner, diary, to-do list, and a pen set for a holistic organization and creativity. It typically involves rapid logging of tasks, events, and notes using short bulleted lists, which is a concise and efficient writing experience facilitated by the use of a black pen.

How do I prevent bleeding and ghosting with my pens?

 To minimize bleeding and ghosting in your bullet journal, choose pens with quick-drying ink and opt for journals with thicker paper, enhancing your overall writing experience with marker pens. You can also place a sheet of blotting paper between pages to absorb excess ink.

Can I use fountain pens for bullet journaling?

 While fountain pens can be used for bullet journaling, they may not be suitable for every type of paper due to their tendency to bleed and feather. In contrast, paint pens to use in a bullet journal may offer a more versatile and bleed-resistant option. It’s essential to test your fountain pen on a small section of your journal before committing to using it extensively.

Are there any pens specifically designed for left-handed writers?

 Some pens feature quick-drying ink and smudge-resistant formulas that are ideal for left-handed writers, making them some of the best pens and markers for those who prioritize clean, crisp writing without smears. Look for pens with fast-drying gel ink or fine-tip markers that minimize the risk of smudging, positioning them as top choices among the best bullet journal pens. Pitt artist pens and Tombow brush markers for your bullet journal are also great options known for their precision and quality.

How can I organize my pens effectively in my bullet journal?

 Consider using color-coded tabs or dividers to separate different sections of your bullet journal, such as monthly calendars, habit trackers, and daily logs, enhancing organization and making you want to write more. You can also create a key or legend to indicate the meaning of each color.

What are some tips for maintaining my pens and extending their lifespan?

 To keep your pens in optimal condition, store them horizontally when not in use to prevent ink from pooling at one end. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, as this can cause the ink to dry out or fade prematurely.

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