Choosing the Best Pen for Writing


Do you believe that the pen you use can affect your writing? Choosing the best pen can make it right.

Do you feel your handwriting looks better with a specific pen? If so, then you’re not alone!

Embarking on a quest to find the perfect pen can be a journey that goes beyond practicality. It can transform into a passionate exploration of words and writing instruments. But with so many options available, choosing the right pen can be a daunting task.

That’s why we’ve created a guide that unravels seven unexpected hacks to guide you through the maze of pen choices. These hacks will ensure that your next pen is functional and aligns with your unique writing desires.

choosing the best pen for your journaling

From understanding the different pen types to considering the grip, ink color, and tip size, the guide will help you find the perfect pen that feels comfortable and satisfying in your hand while improving your handwriting no matter the paper on which you’re writing.

So, let’s dive in and explore the world of pens together!

Pen Play: Matching Your Writing Needs with the Perfect Tool

The above list of hacks is linked, but before diving in, it is important to consider the dilemmas we face when choosing the best pen.

You may just need a pen to write down the grocery list, or you may be signing a paper that guides the soul of a nation. For most users, a pen is a pen, but you and I both know that deep down, there is a desire to find and transcend a moment with a pen, so right, you can’t imagine writing at all without this pen.

There are many occasions where a better pen, whether a ballpoint pen, a fountain pen, or a rollerball pen, would make the experience a bit better, from most likely day-to-day scenarios to more specific or occasional needs.

Let’s take a look.

Pick a Pen for Frequent Encounters

Daily Note-Taking

The pen you use is crucial when you need to jot down important information, whether it’s a to-do list, a calendar of events, or a note about something significant. While many people default to the trusty ballpoint pen for its reliability and affordability, there are times when a different pen may be more appropriate. 

For example, if you want to commemorate a special occasion, like an anniversary, or write something you want to keep for a long time, it’s worth considering investing in a higher-quality pen with a comfortable grip.

Of course, a reliable ballpoint pen is often the best choice for everyday use. But when you want to ensure that your notes are clear, legible, and easy to read, it’s worth choosing the right pen for the job.

Longer Journal Writing

For those dedicated to more extended journal writing, the pen transforms into a dive into self-reflection. The general idea is to glide effortlessly over pages as you gracefully capture thoughts.

journaling on a notebook page reflection of words with the right pen

The ink flow, grip, and style of the pen contribute to a seamless connection between your emotions and the paper. Whether it’s reflective late-night musings or daily chronicles, the right pen can transform the act of journaling into a therapeutic experience, especially for pen enthusiasts seeking a reliable tool for self-expression.

Longer Note-Taking

In the realm of frequent note-taking, a reliable pen is unquestionably key future reflection on class lectures, professional presentation, or religious study. Ideas unfold rapidly, and the pen is required to become an extension of your attention.

Certainly, quick-drying ink and precise lines cater to the swift pace of note-taking, ensuring your thoughts are captured with clarity. Ergonomic design and comfortable grip are also necessary to prolonged writing sessions.

There is no other area in which a dependable pen is more important.

Finding the Pen that Reflects Your Style

For individuals navigating the formal arena, the traditional fountain pen stands out as a timeless and elegant choice. Its sophisticated nib and ink flow contribute to a writing experience that echoes class and professionalism. Ideal for fountain pen users seeking the best in both style and function, the traditional fountain pen complements the formal setting, making every stroke an expression of refined taste.

Luxury Aficionados

Luxury pen enthusiasts, on the quest for the best ballpoint pen or a premium fountain pen, find satisfaction in the intricate details and superior craftsmanship. A luxury pen transcends mere writing; it’s a statement accessory. From precious materials to impeccable design, a luxury pen becomes a symbol of discerning taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.


For those who prefer simplicity in design, a minimalist pen aligns seamlessly with their aesthetic. A sleek and elegant ballpoint pen, designed with clean lines and minimal embellishments, becomes an extension of a minimalist’s style. The focus is on functionality and a timeless design that stands the test of trends.

Eco-Conscious Users

Eco-conscious individuals seek a pen that not only writes well but also aligns with their values. A premium pen with sustainable materials or a refillable fountain pen becomes the choice for those who wish to minimize their environmental footprint. The pen’s weight, balance, and eco-friendly features make it an essential tool for those who prioritize both style and sustainability.d biodegradable inks.

Creative Pursuits

If your passion lies in creative expression through sketches and drawings, the world of fountain pens awaits. Known for their elegance and variety of nibs, fountain pens offer a canvas for artistic expression. Unleash your creativity with each stroke, turning your notebook into a masterpiece.

Sketching and Drawing

For artistic souls embarking on sketching and drawing adventures, the right pen becomes an extension of their creativity. A pen with a fluid ink flow, such as a gel pen or a specialized drawing pen, is a favored tool. The emphasis is on precision, vibrancy, and ease of use, allowing the artist to translate imagination onto paper seamlessly.

Mind Mapping and Brainstorming

In the realm of ideas and brainstorming, the right pen is an indispensable tool. Gel pens, with their smooth ink flow and variety of colors, offer a dynamic and visually engaging way to map out thoughts. For different pens and styles, emphasis is on quick-drying ink and a comfortable grip, allowing the free flow of ideas onto the page.

Calligraphy and Playful Fonts

Calligraphy enthusiasts and those exploring playful fonts understand the importance of the right pen in achieving the desired aesthetic. A traditional fountain pen with various nib sizes becomes the artist’s brush, allowing for expressive strokes and intricate details. The joy of experimenting with different pens and styles is elevated with a pen that offers both control and artistic freedom.

Occasional Considerations

Left-Handed Writers

For left-handed individuals, finding the right pen involves considerations beyond the usual. Quick-drying ink becomes crucial to prevent smudging, and a pen with an ergonomic design ensures a comfortable writing experience. Exploring different types of pens, including rollerball pens or specialized left-handed pens, can enhance the joy of writing for those who favor their left hand.

Physical Impairments and Conditions

In the realm of occasional considerations, individuals with physical impairments or conditions seek pens that accommodate their unique needs. Pens with ergonomic designs, lightweight materials, and accessible mechanisms provide a solution. For different pens catering to various conditions, the emphasis is on inclusivity and creating a comfortable writing experience for everyone.

Stylophiles and Penthusiasts Demand More from their Pens

You are special when it comes to pens. You know it. Whether its the feel of the instrument in your hand, the smooth writing experience, or loving the end result. I do that…A LOT!

Not Pens…but Money. This Monty Python skit about money reflects my love and the love of many stylophiles, aka, pen lovers. And it may not be love, though sentimentality comes into play, but a simple need to find the right pen, the best pen, for your one or many needs.

Yeah. We’re out there, and we have a history with pens for various reasons. These special interests make for a different perspective in choosing a pen or a multitude of pens.

Pen Collectors

For some, collecting pens is not just a hobby but a passion. They seek out rare and vintage pens, and their collection can tell a story of the evolution of pens through time. From ornate Victorian fountain pens to classic mid-century ballpoint pens, collectors appreciate the history and craftsmanship behind each piece. For pen collectors, finding the perfect pen goes beyond practicality; it’s about adding a unique and meaningful piece to their collection. 

Pen Artists

Finding the right pen can be a game-changer for those who use pens as a tool for artistic expression. Whether it’s calligraphy, sketching, or drawing, the pen’s ink flow, nib size, and grip are crucial in producing the desired effect. A flexible nib fountain pen can create varying line widths for calligraphy, while a fine-tip marker pen can offer precision for intricate details.

For artists, the pen is a writing tool and a medium for their creativity. 

Pen Enthusiasts

Finally, for pen enthusiasts, the pen is a practical tool and a source of joy and fascination. They appreciate the different types of pens, their history, and their unique features. From the satisfying click of a retractable ballpoint pen to the smooth glide of a rollerball pen, enthusiasts find pleasure in the writing experience itself. They may experiment with different ink colors, paper types, and pen styles, seeking out the perfect combination for their writing needs

The 7 Hacks to Choosing the Best Pen

Comfort is paramount when selecting a pen. It should seamlessly integrate into your hand, enhancing rather than hindering your writing experience.

Pen Purpose

Selecting a pen is a personalized journey, aligning its purpose with your activities. Whether you’re sketching, journaling, or simply signing documents, understanding the intended use ensures you choose a pen tailored to your specific needs.

Pen Ink Flow

The life force of a pen lies in its ink, influencing the writing experience. Delve into considerations of color, permanence, and drying time to discover the ink that best complements your style. Whether it’s the vibrant allure of gel, the classic elegance of fountain pen ink, or the reliability of ballpoint, each type provides a distinct charm.

Pen Style

Pens are not just writing tools; they’re expressions of your personality. Explore pen styles that resonate with your aesthetic preferences. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern design, a vintage-inspired look, or a bold, futuristic style, finding a pen that matches your personality enhances the writing experience.

Pen Budget

Crafting your perfect pen ensemble involves considering your budget. Pens come in a wide range of prices, and establishing a realistic budget helps guide your choices without compromising on quality. From budget-friendly options to luxurious writing instruments, there’s a pen for every financial plan.

Pen Grip

Comfort and control are essential for an effortless writing experience. Imagine writing for an extended period without experiencing hand cramps. Opt for a pen with an ergonomic design and a rubberized grip to ensure a secure hold, minimize slips, and maximize comfort during prolonged writing sessions.

Pen Nib

The pen nib, where style meets function, dictates the character of your writing. Whether you seek precision in every stroke or desire expressive, bold lines, choosing the right nib style enhances your overall writing experience.

Pen Sentimentality

You may have picked up an interest in “the object” earlier in life. Whatever the reason, there is an emotional attachment to either a particular pen or a style of pen. For you, like me, that Amazon page with pretty ballpoint pens all in a row or any elegant pen tends to mesmerize. This emotion is real, and choosing a pen based on sentiment is a strong hack.

These are a good rule of thumb, but if you’re a pen enthusiast, you may or most likely have a different take.

How 3 most popular pens stack up

There are many types of pens to choose from when you are looking at your writing surface. Which pen would be best based on your writing needs? Let’s look at 3 of the most popular pen types and connect which writing preferences match best with the 7 hacks.

fountain pen style nib in black and white

Fountain Pen

With its timeless elegance and fluid ink flow, a fountain pen is more than a writing instrument; it’s an extension of your style. The nib of a fountain pen provides a unique writing experience, allowing for both precision and expressive strokes.

If your purpose involves activities such as journaling or creative writing, where the act of writing is as crucial as the content, a fountain pen becomes your perfect companion.

Matching Hacks:

  • Pen Purpose: Aligns perfectly with sophisticated and deliberate writing activities.

  • Pen Ink Flow: Classic elegance of fountain pen ink enhances the writing experience.

  • Pen Style: Embodies a timeless, classic aesthetic for those who appreciate refinement.

  • Pen Sentimentality: Carries sentimental value, appealing to emotions and personal connections.

Ballpoint Pen

The ballpoint pen, a reliable workhorse, is known for its versatility and practicality. If your daily activities involve a mix of quick note-taking, signing documents, and general writing tasks, a ballpoint pen is a dependable choice.

Matching Hacks:

  • Pen Purpose: Excels in day-to-day tasks, ideal for efficient and reliable writing.

  • Pen Ink Flow: Reliable ballpoint ink ensures clear and quick-drying writing.

  • Pen Budget: Provides budget-friendly options without compromising quality.

  • Pen Grip: Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip for extended writing.

Rollerball Pen

The rollerball pen is an excellent choice for those who seek a balance between a fountain pen’s smooth ink flow and the ballpoint’s practicality.

Matching Hacks

  • Pen Purpose: Ideal for tasks requiring a smoother writing experience.

  • Pen Ink Flow: Rollerball ink provides a vibrant and fluid flow for an enjoyable writing experience.

  • Pen Style: Sleek and modern design appeals to those who appreciate sophistication.

  • Pen Sentimentality: Rollerball pens evoke enjoyment and personal connection, making them a sentimental choice.

Experiment! Trying Different Pen Types

The pen journey is a personal one, and experimenting with different types can be an enlightening experience.

Pen Subscription Services

Dip your toes into the diverse world of pens with a pen subscription service. Receive a curated selection of pens regularly, allowing you to test various options without committing to a full purchase. Who knows, your perfect pen might be just a subscription away!

Attend Pen Expos and Events

Immerse yourself in the pen enthusiast community by attending pen expos and events. Test pens, gather insights, and perhaps discover limited-edition gems that add a unique flair to your collection. These gatherings are a treasure trove for pen aficionados.

What’s all the fuss? Gimme’ the cheap pen anyday.

In a world filled with talk of fancy nibs and inks, those of you with a different perspective laugh off the whole complicated pen scene.

Why bother with intricate details like nib sizes and ink permanence when a simple ballpoint pen can do the job? For those who just want to jot down a grocery list, the hype around fountain pens that supposedly connect with your soul or rollerballs that glide smoothly seems a little too much.

So, what’s the point of discussing pen style and sentimentality when a basic, cheap pen from the corner store does the trick? It might not have the status of a luxury fountain pen, but it won’t make you cringe if it gets lost.

And, let’s face it; there’s something charming about the straightforwardness of an affordable pen – the kind you wouldn’t mind lending without worrying about never getting it back.

But, as you enjoy the simplicity of your reliable ballpoint, a nagging thought creeps in: What if there’s more to pens than meets the eye?

Could the appeal of a reputable fountain pen or a sleek rollerball be more than just a trend or lifelong fad?

Perhaps, there’s a world of writing joy waiting to be discovered beyond the realm of the usual cheap pen. After all, pens aren’t just tools; they’re instruments of expression, and sometimes, all the excitement might be worth it.

Ever thought about a pen that feels like a vacation for your hand?

Wrapping Up: Here’s To the Best Experience with Ink and Paper

It’s evident that for many, choosing a pen is not merely a utilitarian decision; it’s an overall experience. The journey from daily note-taking to creative pursuits and occasional considerations reveals a spectrum of pen personalities catering to varied needs.

The hacks presented, from understanding pen purposes to embracing sentimentality, serve as a compass in navigating this vast landscape.

So, whether you find solace in the familiarity of a ballpoint pen or immerse yourself in the artistry of a fountain pen, the symphony of ink and paper is a personal narrative.

Each stroke is a note in the melody of your thoughts. As you embark on this word quest, armed with newfound insights, let your pen be an extension of your voice, a companion in your creative endeavors, and a testament to the joy of the written word.


Is a more expensive pen always better?

Not necessarily. The best pen is one that suits your needs and preferences. While luxury pens may offer exquisite craftsmanship, budget-friendly options can provide reliable functionality.

How do I know which pen type is right for me?

Consider your writing habits and preferences. If you enjoy smooth, expressive writing, a fountain pen might be ideal. For quick, everyday tasks, a ballpoint or rollerball pen could be more suitable.

Can left-handed individuals use any pen comfortably?

Left-handed writers may prefer quick-drying inks to prevent smudging. Pens with ergonomic designs or specialized left-handed options can enhance comfort for a better writing experience.

What’s the significance of pen sentimentality?

Pen sentimentality adds a personal touch to your writing experience. It’s about choosing a pen that resonates with you emotionally, whether it’s a nostalgic connection or an appreciation for its design.

Are pen subscription services worth trying?

Pen subscription services are a great way to explore different pens without committing to a full purchase. They offer a curated selection, allowing you to discover pens that align with your preferences.

Can fountain pens be used for everyday writing?

Absolutely! Many individuals embrace fountain pens for their daily writing needs. The smooth flow and elegance they bring to each stroke make them a delightful choice for everyday tasks.

What grip is best for extended writing sessions?

The ideal grip for extended writing varies from person to person. Some prefer the comfort of a rubberized grip, while others opt for a textured grip for enhanced control. Experiment to find the grip that complements your writing style during those long sessions.

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