Stories That Matter: Crafting Your Narrative with Words and Memorabilia

Wondering where your next passion-stirring entry will arise or how through your writing you may uncover the next unconscious underlying secret?
I spent years writing a ‘diary’ of facts and events with hints of underlying mystery and a natural yearning to unlock the stories within.
Here, I will create a place for you to find your secrets and truths. I didn’t give up which eventually led me down a wondrous path of interesting journal posts and books filled with curious creations.
This blog will be an emergence, a guide leading to a potential vibrant written landscape of joy, grief, unburdening, and curiosity.
We’ll consider the tools – pens, notebooks, styles- that empower your voice, play with the idea of spaces that stir your imagination, and open the gate to ideas to allow fierce creativity to jump out.
C’mon. Allow yourself to explore fearlessly, and discover the joy of a story that will be truly yours with your words, photos, and memorabilia. Stories that matter!