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Are you ready to embark on a creative journey filled with nostalgia and personal expression? With 135 Amazing Junk Journal Ideas, you can dive into the world of junk journaling, where old becomes new again, and every page tells a story. Here, we will explore some unique and simple junk journal ideas tailored for beginners in 2024. 

old photos as memory driven junk journal material

What Are The Amazing Junk Journal Ideas?

Junk journaling is an art form that uses recycled materials, ephemera, and everyday items to create unique and personalized journals. If you are ready to create with these interesting junk journal ideas, let’s review a wide number of junk journal ideas to inspire your creativity:

Themed Junk Journal Ideas (30)

1. Vintage Postcards from Different Cities
2. Antique Maps of Historical Locations
3. Retro Ticket Stubs from Various Events
4. Old Travel Brochures and Pamphlets
5. Souvenirs like Vintage Matchbooks from Different Places
6. Vintage Labels from Suitcases and Luggage
7. Hotel Room Signs from Past Stays
8. Antique Passport Covers and Stamps
9. Vintage Airline Menus and In-flight Magazines
10. Travel advertising Designs
11. Arranged Photo of Shells or Stones from Beach Getaways
12. Dried Flowers from Botanical Gardens Around the World
13. Sketches of Landmarks and Scenic Views
14. Vintage Postage Stamps from Different Countries
15. Train and Subway Maps from Major Cities
16. Retro Polaroid Pictures of Travel Memories
17. City Skyline Silhouettes Cutouts
18. Travel Quotes Printed on Decorative Paper
19. Handwritten Letters from Pen Pals Abroad
20. Handwritten Notes from a Trip
21. Pressed Leaves from Forest Walks
22. Sketches of Exotic Wildlife Encounters
23. Vintage Recipe Cards from International Cuisines
24. Fabric Swatches from Traditional Garments
25. Local Currency Bills
26. Antique Store Paper Epherema from Trips
27. Vintage Restaurant Menus from Famous Eateries
28. Tea Bag Tags with Inspirational Messages
29. Travel-themed Stampings for Decoration
30. Antique Suitcase Labels from Luxury Hotels

Memory Keepsakes (25)

31. Baby’s First Lock of Hair
32. Hospital Bracelets from Births and Surgeries
33. Childhood Drawings and Artwork
34. Family Recipe Cards Handwritten by Grandparents
35. Love Letters and Cards from Significant Others
36. School Yearbook Photo Cutouts
37. School Yearbook Personal Message Cutouts
38. Theater Playbills from Memorable Shows
39. Photobooth Photos with Family or Friends
40. Handprints and Footprints of Children
41. Pet Collars and Tags
42. Ribbons from Award Ceremonies and Competitions
43. Hospital Baby Blanket Snips with Newborn’s Scent
44. Locks of Hair from Pets
45. Hospital Messages for Nurses or Doctors
46. Letters of Encouragement from Loved Ones
47. Art Projects from One’s Own Childhood
48. Friendship Bracelets and Tokens
49. Bouquets of Dried Wedding Flowers
50. Pieces of Fabric from Baby’s First Outfit

materials for junk journals

Artistic Items and Techniques (20)

51. Watercolor Paintings of Scenic Views
52. Calligraphy Quotes of Wisdom and Inspiration
53. Collage of Personal Photographs and Memorabilia
54. Hand-drawn Maps of Childhood Neighborhoods
55. Embroidery Stitching on Fabric Pages
56. Quilling Artwork Sketch of Intricate Designs
57. Decoupage Technique Using Vintage Newspaper Clippings
58. Charcoal Sketches of Loved Ones’ Portraits
59. Etching Prints of Nature Scenes
60. Crayon Drawing of Dream Landscapes
61. Papercut Silhouettes of Family Members
62. Etchings from Vintage Books
63. Pressed Flower Resin Art Paperweights
64. Wood Burning Illustrations of Wildlife
65. Origami Folded Paper Figures
66. Quotes printed on Yearbook Pages
67. Spray Paint Stencils of Inspirational Phrases
68. Digital Collages of Personal Photos
69. Favorite Characters & Celebrities Pics with Quotes
70. Fingerprint Artwork of Family Members’ Prints

snippets of vintage 8mm film strips for junk journal

Odd Embellishments (20)

71. Vintage Needle Cases from Grandma’s Sewing Kit
72. Tassel Peicess from Old Curtains and Drapes
73. Sequins and Flat Beads from Broken Jewelry
74. Feathers from Backyard Birds
75. Labels from Old Furniture
76. Price labels on vintage products
77. Magazine Letters Clipped and arranged in Odd Messages
78. Lace Trimmings from Vintage Dresses
79. Labels from Favorite Beverages
80. Blurry Photos of People or Places
81. Strips of Birch tree Bark
82. Written out plans from DIY Projects
83. Puzzle Pieces from Family Game Nights
84. Vintage Ribbons from Hat Boxes
85. Dried Leaves and Flowers from Special Occasions
86. Rustic Twine from Garden Supplies
87. Written Repair List from Repair Shops
88. Photos of Odd Collections
89. Vintage Postage Stamps from Unused Collections
90. Feathers found on Walks

Interactive or 3D Items (20)

91. Pop-up Cards with Surprising Messages
92. Miniature Paper Dolls of Family Members
93. Fold-out Maps of Favorite Travel Destinations
94. Sliding Tabs Revealing Hidden Quotes
95. Paper Wheel Spinners for Decision Making
96. Flip-out Pages for Extended Storytelling
97. Pockets for Tucking Away Secret Notes
98. Fabric Doors Opening to Special Memories
99. An Envelope Holding Tiny Treasures
100. Paper Windows with Scenic Views

flowers in book

Upcycled Materials as Junk Journal Ideas(15)

101. Book Pages from Vintage Novels
102. Old Sheet Music from Piano Lessons
103. Coffee Stained Paper from Morning Brews
104. Pages from Unfinished Scrapbook Projects
105. Vintage Greeting Cards from Yesteryears
106. Brown Paper Bags from Grocery Shopping
107. Ticket Stubs from Kids Plays or Concerts
108. Newspaper Clippings from Historical Events
109. Calendar Pages from Past Years
110. Shipping Tags from Online Orders
111. Torn Pages from an Old Notebook
112. Magazine Cutouts from Fashion Trends
113. Wallpaper Samples from Home Renovations
114. Blood Soaked Fabric from a DIY Project Injury
115. Ink Messages torn from Boxes

vintage concert tickets for my junk journal

Unique Inspiration Items (20)

116. Antique Postage Stamps from Unvisited Countries
117. Vintage Encyclopedia pages from Estate Sales
118. Pressed Flowers and Leaves from Nature Walks
119. Antique Stickers from Flea Markets
120. Fortune Cookie Messages from Takeout Dinners
121. Handwritten Recipes from Grandmothers’ Kitchens
122. Fabric Swatches from Old Quilts
123. VHS Box Fronts from Iconic Films
124. Confetti from New Year’s Eve Celebrations
125. Heart-shaped Paperclips
126. Vintage Lace Doilies from Attic Trunks
127. Train Tickets from Transcontinental Journeys
128. Antique Perfume Bottle Labels from Forgotten Fragrances
129. Vintage Sheet Music from Long-forgotten Tunes
130. Postcards from Distant Lands and Yesteryears
131. Letters and Correspondence with Faded Ink
132. Old Photographs Capturing Moments in Time
133. Newspaper Clippings Reporting Historical Events
134. Vintage Advertising Cards from Past Businesses
135. Playful Stickers

These diverse and imaginative junk journal ideas offer endless possibilities for creating unique and personalized keepsakes filled with memories, artistry, and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice enthusiast, there’s something magical about bringing together these eclectic elements to tell your story in a truly one-of-a-kind journal.

Considerations Before Starting

As you dive into junk journaling, you will join a vast army of junk-collecting journal writers. But yours will be very personal… and interesting.

There are many great junk journal ideas and places online where you can purchase printables for items you’d like but cannot find.

cabinet photos from 20s and 30s

 Good Reasons for Junk Journaling

Junk journaling offers a plethora of benefits beyond creative expression. Do you want to preserve memories, relieve stress, or explore your artistic side? Junk journaling can fulfill these needs and more.

Steps to Creating a Junk Journal

Creating a junk journal is a rewarding process that involves a few key steps: selecting the right texture for the cover, finding printables for decoration, and choosing the perfect handmade book tutorial.

1. Gather Materials: Collect various papers, ephemera, and embellishments for your journal. Keep your eyes open; once you start, many objects and items begin to glow.

2. Plan Layout: Experiment with different page layouts and design elements before making a final arrangement. For example, is the page and or book going to be items only or will you be journaling around or on the items?

3. Assemble Pages: Arrange your materials on each page, considering composition and visual flow.

4. Bind Journal: If you’re using loose paper, secure your pages together using binding methods such as stitching or ring binding.

5. Embellish: Personalize your journal even further with final touches such as stickers, stamps, handwritten notes, or colors over the materials.

Next Steps in Using/Activity

Once your junk journal is complete, the journey doesn’t end there. Take the time to gaze upon the art and the insight that unfolds.

Journaling Prompts: Use your junk journal as a creative outlet for writing, drawing, or documenting daily life.

Reflection: Reflect on your journal entries and the memories they evoke.

Sharing: Share your journal with friends or online communities to inspire others and receive feedback.

Best Ways to Enjoy After Completion

After completing your junk journal, indulge in these best practices to enhance your enjoyment:

– Regular Use: Make journaling a habit by incorporating it into your daily or weekly routine.

– Display: Showcase your journal on a bookshelf or coffee table as a conversation starter and source of inspiration.

– Flip-throughs: Periodically revisit your journal to reminisce and appreciate your creative journey.

Overcoming Challenges

While junk journaling is a rewarding endeavor, it may come with its own set of challenges. Here are some strategies for overcoming common obstacles:

– Perfectionism: Embrace imperfection and view mistakes as opportunities for growth and creativity.

– Creative Block: Take breaks when feeling uninspired and seek inspiration from nature, art, or other journals.

– Organization: Develop a system for storing materials and managing your journaling process to stay organized and efficient.


In conclusion, junk journaling offers endless possibilities for creative expression and self-discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, dive into the world of junk journaling and unlock your imagination.


What materials do I need to start junk journaling?

To start junk journaling, you’ll need a variety of materials such as paper, glue, scissors, and ephemera like ticket stubs or fabric scraps.

Can I use digital elements in my junk journal?

While traditional junk journaling often involves physical materials, you can incorporate digital elements like printed photos or digital collages into your journal.

How do I overcome creative block?

Creative block is common among artists and creators. To overcome it, try taking a break, seeking inspiration from nature or art, or experimenting with new techniques.

Can I sell my junk journals?

Yes, you can sell your junk journals either online or at local craft fairs. Just be sure to price them appropriately based on the time and materials invested.

How do I store my junk journal supplies?

Consider organizing your supplies in labeled containers or drawers for easy access. You can also use storage solutions like shelves or carts to keep everything tidy.

Where can I find inspiration for my junk journal?

Inspiration can be found everywhere, from nature walks to flea markets to online communities dedicated to junk journaling. Keep an open mind and let your surroundings spark creativity.

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