Types of Pens


At the beginning of a new moment of writing, many types of pens emerge as ready and giddy companions, adding power and flair to our journaling endeavors.

From the classic ballpoint to the sophisticated fountain pen, these tools have evolved into a diverse array, each possessing its own distinctive features.

And there is a class of luxury pens that separate the casual user called “stylophiles” or “penthusiasts.” Check out some of our favorite of just a few of the types of pens available.

Join us as we take time to review 14 types of pens and where we unravel their characteristics, guiding you to discover the ideal match for your unique writing preferences.

Ever wondered about the fluidity of fountain pen ink or the smoothness of gel pens? Dive into the plots of rollerball pens and the reliability of ballpoint pens. As we navigate through this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of various pen types, from the artistic brush pen to the high-tech stylus pen.

Delve into the world of ink flows, nibs, and writing surfaces, discovering the nuances that make each pen a remarkable writing tool.

Join us as we explore the vast landscape of pens.

I have so many ‘flairs’ that I may use an assortment of pens in a sitting.  In my stream-of-consciousness writing, a highlighter doesn’t cover the text below; a permanent marker is handy if there’s a need to redact some words (a journal always has a chance of being discovered by the curious).  

And for this post, I really didn’t need to go anywhere for photos of pens; I have most, if not all, the versions written about here. 

So whether you’re a fan of permanent markers or traditional dip pens, this guide will be a wider look at the world of writing tools and unlock the possibilities that different types of pens offer.

After all, finding the right pen is not just a choice; it expresses your unique writing style and preferences.

Review and Features plus Best Uses of 14 Pens

The Flourish of the Fountain Pen

What is your first thought when you consider using a Fountain Pen? By and large, they are iconic, and most are art pieces. (bias reported)

With their smooth ink flow and timeless design, fountain pens transcend the ordinary, offering an elevated writing experience. Picture a dip pen, each unique tip shaping your writing style. From elegant prose to thoughtful journaling, these pens weave creativity into every stroke.

Fountain pens have gravitas: their ink, their tips, and the feel and look of them.

Depending on the way in which ink gets to the nib, you can easily access a variety of colors. It’s the same with nib options. These promise a writing experience tailored to your preferences.

Explore the finesse of different pen tips, envisioning the transformation of your words into an artistic expression. Whether you’re intrigued by the flow of oil-based ink or the nuances of nib styles, Fountain Pens are the companions of choice for those who seek to make every mark on paper a work of art.

It’s not just a pen; it’s an instrument that transforms your every word into a masterpiece. So, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Fountain Pens and discover the joy of writing that transcends the ordinary.

The Fountain Pen is a very popular pen for many reasons. And as types of pens go, it’s probably the classiest. Or elitist, snooty, above average.

But the pen, which can range in price depending on the JEWELS they put on it, comes by this attitude naturally.

Scriveiner Luxury Black Fountain Pen


The Scriveiner brand is an excellent example of Fountain Pens flourish.


  • Offers a variety of ink colors and nib options
  • Smooth ink flow for effortless writing
  • Ideal for high-quality paper

Best Uses:

  • Elegant writing
  • Journaling
  • Creative Expression on Quality Paper

Gel Pens Ease of Use

If you’re looking for a writing instrument that combines the smoothness of a rollerball with the quick-drying convenience of a ballpoint, then Gel Pens are the perfect solution for you in the mix of the types of pens available.

These pens provide an expressive and efficient writing experience that is sure to impress. Whether you’re taking notes, writing a letter, or simply jotting down your thoughts, Gel Pens are a delightful choice that will elevate your writing to the next level. With their vibrant colors and consistent ink flow, Gel Pens are a must-have for anyone who values quality and precision in their writing tools.

Our Pick

Paper Mate® Gel Pens-InkJoy® Pens


Paper Mate is a well-known brand and they score high with this InkJoy set.

  • Ballpoint mechanism with gel-based ink for vivid colors and smooth flow
  • Quick-drying ink reduces chances of smudging

Best Uses:

  • Note-taking
  • Creative Projects
  • Tasks Needing Precision and Vibrant Color

The Strength of the Rollerball Pens

If you’re on the lookout for a writing tool that combines the smoothness of a fountain pen with the reliability of a ballpoint, then you might want to consider trying out a rollerball pen. Rollerball pens offer a delightful writing experience that caters to various needs. They deliver a consistent ink flow, making them perfect for everyday writing tasks, but also provide a touch of elegance and sophistication, making them a great choice for more formal or creative writing. So, if you’re someone who values both functionality and style in their writing tools, a rollerball pen might be just what you need.

Our Pick

Tornado™ Vintage Metalsmith Dr. Gray Skeleton Rollerball Pen


  • Ball tip with fluidity of water-based ink for consistent and vibrant writing
  • Effortless writing experience


  • Everyday writing tasks
  • Writing a Bolder Stroke
  • Versatile for Many Writing Surfaces

The Steady Humble Ballpoint Pen

In the realm of everyday writing essentials, the humble ballpoint pen reigns supreme. As a steadfast companion in traditional writing, its ink flow mirrors the rhythm of countless thoughts, transforming blank pages into narratives.

The versatility of ballpoint pen inks caters to diverse preferences, offering a smooth and reliable writing experience.

I am Team Ballpoint Pen. I have used the fountain pen and a roller ball now and then, but this pen is the throw-down favorite. Nothing beats this oil-based ink shooter for my style of writing, whether it’s notes or a 3-page journal entry.

Experience the ease and fluidity of expression with a tool that has transcended generations — the steadfast and humble ballpoint pen.

Our Pick

ARCIS Radial Blue Ballpoint Pen


The ARCIS Radial Blue Ballpoint Pen is a nice example of the style where writing begins.

  • Versatile ink catering to diverse preferences
  • Smooth Consistent Experience
  • Very Reliable Tool

Best Uses:

  • Any writing
  • Suits any Writing Surface

Artistic Felt Tip Pens

Felt tip pens are a popular writing tool for those who seek precision and control. They are known for their fine lines and versatility, making them ideal for a variety of uses including drawing, writing, and coloring. Felt tip pens come in a range of colors and sizes, allowing users to express their creativity and personal style. Whether you’re an artist, student, or professional, these pens are a great choice for anyone who values quality and precision in their writing instrument.

Our Pick

Amazon Basics Felt Tip Marker Pens


Felt pens come in many colors and sizes

  • Smooth Even Ink Flow
  • Various Tips allow for Creative Uses
  • Bold output

Best Uses:

  • Great fit for Color Art
  • Versatile Use for Broad Range of Tasks

Elegance of Calligraphy Pens

Calligraphy Pens are a great tool for anyone who wants to make their writing stand out. With their elegant design and flowing strokes, they add a touch of artistry to any piece of writing.

My older sister was an inspiration early on in the area of writing and the use of different fonts; especially calligraphy. I studied some books on it. You can get the same result with 2 pencils or pens stacked together. It becomes a bit artistic, but also useful for writing a cool note.

Whether you’re writing a letter, a journal entry, or even just a to-do list, using a calligraphy pen can turn a mundane task into a beautiful and enjoyable experience. So why not step into the world of calligraphy and add some flair to your writing?

Our Pick

Staedtler Double Ended Calligraphy Pens


  • Varied Nib Sizes
  • Smooth ink flow for elegant writing
  • Designed to create distinctive letterforms and artistic scripts

Best Uses:

  • Cards with Artistic Lettering
  • When you want to create an Old English style font

Surprising Flair of the Brush Pens

Brush Pens are an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore the art of expressive writing. These versatile tools combine the precision of a pen with the fluidity and artistic freedom of a brush. Whether you’re a calligrapher, a hand-lettering enthusiast, or just someone who enjoys doodling, Brush Pens offer a unique and satisfying creative experience. With their wide range of colors and tip sizes, you can experiment with different styles and techniques to bring your ideas to life on paper. So why not dive into the world of expressive writing with Brush Pens and unlock your creative potential?

Our Pick

Pentel Fude Brush Pen


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  • Uses Pigment Ink for Vibrant Colors
  • Thick Ink Flow allows for Bold Strokes
  • Various Pen Tips Cater to Different Art Syles

Best Uses:

  • Creating Bold Artworks and Hand Lettering
  • Finding Extension of ones Creativity

Antique and Useful Reed Pens

Reed pens are a traditional writing tool that have been around for centuries. Made from natural materials, such as bamboo or reed, these pens offer a unique and authentic writing experience. They were commonly used in ancient times before the invention of modern pens and pencils. Writing with a reed pen can be a meditative experience, as you connect with the past and feel the texture of the pen against the paper. If you’re looking for a way to step back in time and experience the art of traditional writing, a reed pen may be just what you need.

Our Pick

PAGOW 9 Pcs Double Head Hard Strong Bamboo Reed Pens


These unusual looking pens are designed for the artist or stylophile interested in a new outcome.

  • Distinct Pen Tip allows for a variety of line widths
  • Thicker ink flow contributes to a more pronounced and rustic writing style

Best Uses:

  • Perfect for those seeking to connect with historical writing instruments
  • Ideal for creating vintage-inspired artworks and calligraphy

Versatility of Marker Pens

Marker Pens are a fantastic addition to any creative toolkit, providing a range of vibrant colors and precise lines for a variety of uses. These versatile pens can be used by artists and students alike to bring bold and eye-catching strokes to their work. Whether you’re creating a masterpiece or simply jotting down notes, these pens are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish writing tool. With a wide range of colors and nib sizes available, there’s a marker pen to suit any task, from sketching to calligraphy.

Our Pick

Zebra Pen Click Art Retractable Marker Pen s


Specialty pens for art creations.

  • Dye-based inks provide intense and consistent color
  • Fine tip allows for detailed work
  • May be permanent ink

Best Uses:

  • Perfect for artwork, sketching, and coloring
  • Ideal for detailed projects where precision and a burst of color are essential

Go Beyond Text Books with Highlighter Pens

Highlighter pens are a must-have for anyone who wants to highlight important information in notes or textbooks. By adding a burst of color, they help key points stand out, making it easier to understand and remember essential information. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who wants to stay organized, highlighter pens are an indispensable tool that can help you stay on top of your work. So why not invest in a few quality highlighter pens today and see how they can make a difference in your life?

Our Pick

Sharpie Fluorescent Highlighters Assorted Colors 5 pk.


For when there is writing and a need for creating importance to a word or set of words.

  • Vivid and translucent ink prevents smudging and bleeding through paper
  • Chisel tip allows for broad or fine highlighting

Best Uses:

  • Noting areas for studying, note-taking, and organizing information
  • Ideal for adding a touch of color to important details

The Classy Click Pens

Click pens are a popular writing instrument that offer a retractable mechanism for ease of use. With just a simple click, the pen tip is exposed or retracted, making them ideal for quick note-taking on the go. These pens are highly convenient and practical for everyday use. They are widely available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, making them a versatile option for anyone who needs a reliable writing tool. Whether you’re a student, professional, or just someone who likes to jot down notes, click pens are a great choice.

Our Pick

Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pens


You can hear it, can’t you? This holds the award for the earliest of all types of pens in my memory.

  • Retractable mechanism for convenience and ease of use
  • Ballpoint or gel ink option

Best Uses:

  • Perfect for jotting down notes and making to-do lists
  • Ideal for any situation where a quick and accessible writing instrument is needed

Lefty Pens for Right Uses

Lefty pens are specifically created for those who are left-handed to offer a comfortable and clean writing experience. These pens are designed to prevent smudging and offer quick-drying ink that reduces the likelihood of smearing. With a Lefty pen, left-handed individuals can now write with ease and confidence, without worrying about the ink getting smudged or smeared. These pens are an excellent solution for anyone who has struggled to find a writing tool that is comfortable and convenient to use.

Our Pick

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Green – Left Hand


Making writing more accessible and easy is the purpose of a specialty pen.

  • Ease of use, appearance, comfort of the pen
  • Ergonomic designs and fast-drying tips accommodate left-handed writing

Best Uses:

  • Ideal for left-handed individuals seeking a comfortable and smudge-free writing experience
  • Perfect for everyday use.

Emergence of Permanent Pens Use

Permanent pens are a great choice when you want long-lasting results. They typically use waterproof and fade-resistant ink, making them suitable for use on a variety of surfaces and applications. With their durable design, permanent pens are perfect for writing on items that may be exposed to water or sunlight, such as labels, signs, or art projects. Whether you’re a professional artist, a DIY enthusiast, or just looking to label some items for organization, permanent pens are a reliable and versatile tool to have on hand.

Our Pick

Mr. Pen Double-Tip Permanent Marker Set


The permanent marker has changed its image over time from ‘DANGER: PERMANENT” to a real part of almost everyday additions to one’s writing.

  • Indelible inks that adhere to any surface
  • Various tip styles
  • Various colors for any number of uses

Best Uses:

  • Reliable for labeling or wiring on any surface
  • Ideal for labeling or creating a lasting mark.

Wrapping Up

In the vast universe of writing instruments, many types of pens stand as companions to our thoughts, and witnesses to our stories. From the elegance of fountain pens to the versatility of markers, each pen tells a unique tale.

As we conclude this journey through the diverse landscapes of pens, let the fluidity of ink become a metaphor for the endless possibilities your words hold.

The pen you choose is not just a tool; it’s an extension of your creativity and expression. So, as you embark on countless pages yet to be filled, may your chosen pen be the conduit for the magic of your words.


How do I choose the right pen for everyday writing?

Consider factors like ink type, writing comfort, and the intended use. Ballpoint pens are reliable for everyday tasks, while gel pens offer smoothness with quick drying.

What’s the difference between rollerball and ballpoint pens?

Rollerball pens use water-based ink for a smooth, expressive feel, while ballpoint pens have oil-based ink, providing a reliable and consistent writing experience.

What is the most popular pen style?

The popularity of pen styles often varies based on personal preferences and needs. However, ballpoint pens tend to be widely popular due to their versatility, reliability, and ease of use. They are suitable for everyday writing tasks, making them a common choice for many users.

What is the smoothest type of pen?

When it comes to the smoothest type of pen, rollerball pens are often praised for their fluid and effortless writing experience. The water-based ink they use allows for a smoother flow compared to ballpoint pens, making them a preferred choice for those who appreciate a seamless writing feel.

Which pen is most fade-resistant?

For fade resistance, permanent pens are designed to create long-lasting marks that resist fading over time. These pens often use waterproof and fade-resistant inks, making them suitable for labeling, marking, and creating enduring artwork that stands the test of time. If longevity and resistance to fading are a priority, permanent pens are an excellent choice.

Can highlighter pens be used for creative projects?

Absolutely! Highlighter pens are versatile and can add vibrant color to artwork, making them suitable for creative projects and detailed tasks.

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