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What are the best pens and what are the 51 tasks?   

Are you tired of searching for the ideal pen for every task? Look no further! Unlock the secrets to selecting the perfect pen for every occasion.

From jotting down shopping lists to taking notes during meetings, discover whimsical reasons, expert tips, and frequently asked questions about the best pens for daily use in 2024. Every pen on this list was considered for their proper task as the go-to pen. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pen enthusiast or a casual user, this comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect writing companion for all your needs.   The tools include those for everyday writing and are affordable to luxury pens; both with the pen features that fit the task. 

Explore the smooth writing experience of the best ballpoint pen, or find your go-to pen for flawless writing. With our tips, choosing a quality pen that suits your needs has never been easier!

For Everyday Tasks:

  1. 11. Journaling at Home: Uni-ball Jetstream Retractable Ballpoint Pen – known for its smooth ink flow and comfortable grip for extensive writing sessions. Its reliability and practicality make it an ideal for stashing in purses, cars, or bags, thanks to its smudge-free and versatile writing capabilities.
  2. Notes in the Rain: Fisher Space Pen – pressurized and uses a special ink formula that writes in extreme temperatures, underwater, and even in zero gravity!

  3. Signing Important Documents: Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Rollerball Pen – lays down a smooth, bold line with quick-drying ink for a professional look. Its rollerball design ensures a writing smoothness and fluid ink flow, making it a favorite for those who value precision and a smooth writing experience.

  4. Everyday Carry (EDC): Zebra F-701 Retractable Pen – reliable, portable, and affordable with a comfortable grip and smooth-writing ink.

retractable ballpoint pen
  1. Marking Up Textbooks: Zebra Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighter – features a chisel tip for highlighting and a fine tip for underlining, with a wide range of beautiful colors that won’t bleed through most papers.

  2. Quick Drafts & Brainstorming: Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen – allows for clean erasing without smudging, perfect for brainstorming sessions.

  3. Taking Lecture Notes: Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Pen – offers vibrant colors and smooth gel ink that dries quickly to prevent smudging during note-taking, making it ideal for fast writers and left-handed individuals who appreciate its quick-drying properties and smooth writing flow.

  4. Writing Grocery Lists: Pentel RSVP Fine Point Rolling Ball Pen – affordable and reliable with a fine point for detailed list-making.

  5. Signing a Cast: Sharpie Permanent Marker, Chisel Tip – bold and permanent ink, perfect for leaving a colorful message on a cast.

  6. Jotting Down Phone Numbers: Paper Mate InkJoy Mini Retractable Ballpoint Pen – keychain friendly and comes in various colors for quick note-taking.

For Creative Pursuits:

  1. Fine Art & Illustrations: Sakura Pigma Micron Pen – comes in a variety of tip sizes, making them perfect for creating detailed illustrations and works of art. The ink is also archival quality, meaning it won’t fade over time.

  2. Sketching Landscapes: General’s Charcoal Pencil – allows for a wide range of shading and tones, perfect for capturing the beauty of landscapes.

  3. Sketching Cartoons: Faber-Castell Castell 9000 Graphite Pencil – known for its smooth and smudge-resistant graphite, ideal for sketching cartoon characters.

marker sketch markers
  1. Drawing Caricatures at Parties: Copic Marker Sketch – vibrant markers with a chisel tip for creating bold lines and exaggerated features in caricatures.

  2. Sketching Fashion Designs: Sakura Micron Pigma Pen, 003 Fineliner – ultra-fine point for capturing intricate details and seams in fashion sketches.

  3. Writing a Comic Book Script: Sakura Pigma Micron Pen, 05 Fineliner – a slightly thicker tip than the 003, perfect for outlining comic book panels and lettering.

For Specific Situations:

  1. Writing in Outer Space: Fisher Space Pen Astronaut Space Pen – a pressurized pen designed for space travel, a classic choice for astronauts.

  2. Taking Notes in a Clown Convention: Pentel Color Pen – a fun and festive pen with a variety of bright colors, perfect for a clown convention.

  3. Writing a Fairy Tale: Lamy Safari Fountain Pen with a shimmery ink cartridge – adds a touch of magic and elegance when writing a fairy tale.

mechanical pencil
  1. Sketching Monster Designs: Pentel GraphGear 500 Mechanical Pencil – allows for precise lines and easy corrections when drawing monstrous creations.

  2. Signing a Birthday Card for Bigfoot: Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker – oversized marker for a larger-than-life signature on Bigfoot’s birthday card.

  3. Writing Secret Spy Messages: Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen with invisible ink – invisible ink and a sleek design, ideal for writing secret spy messages.

pretty waterman fountain pen

For Specialized Writing with a Fountain Pen:

  1. Writing a Haiku: Kuretake Bamboo Fountain Pen – a traditional Japanese calligraphy pen for writing haiku with a touch of authenticity.

  2. Writing on Glass: Pentel Paint Marker – water-based markers that write vibrantly on glass surfaces.

  3. Writing Love Letters: Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen – a luxurious fountain pen for writing romantic love letters.

  4. Filling Out Taxes: Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pen – fine point and quick-drying ink for precise writing on tax forms.

  5. Writing a Will: Waterman Expert Fountain Pen – a classic and elegant pen for signing important documents like a will.

For Fun & Novelty with Gel Pens:

  1. Writing a Ransom Note (for fun): Fiskars Gel Pen Set, Craft Scissors, and Glue Stick – for a playful take on a ransom note,

  2. Writing Graffiti Art (legally): Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers – creates a metallic shine, perfect for legal graffiti art projects.

  3. Signing a Wedding Guestbook: Pilot Parallel Pen – allows for creative calligraphy styles, adding a personal touch to wedding guest book messages.

  4. Taking Notes in a Fast-Food Joint: Mayduhi Burger & Fry Pens- novelty pens with the objects on top, a fun and quirky pen for fast-food note-taking.

  5. Writing a Letter to Your Future Self: Pilot Capsule Pen – a futuristic and sleek pen for writing a letter to your future self.

mechanical pen and pencil

For the Discriminating Writer:

  1. Penning Your Manifesto: Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen – a robust and reliable fountain pen for writing your manifesto with style.

  2. Writing Poetry in a Café: Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen – a portable and stylish fountain pen for writing poetry on the go.

  3. Writing a Novel: Rotring 600 Fountain Pen – a timeless design and smooth nib for comfortable writing during long novel-writing sessions.

  4. For the Technologically Advanced:

  5. Taking Notes in a Sci-Fi Convention: Adonit Jot Touch 4 Stylus – a digital pen for taking notes on a tablet or smartphone at a sci-fi convention.

  6. Writing in Zero Gravity (alternative): Livescribe Echo Smartpen – a digital pen that records audio while you write, allowing for playback and note-taking review even in zero gravity.

smart pen

For the Historically Inspired:

  1. Writing a Treasure Map: Manuscript Feather Dip Pen – a classic feather quill pen for a truly authentic treasure map.

  2. Signing a Pre-nup (with a touch of humor): Noodler’s Ahab Jade Fountain Pen – a large fountain pen with a dramatic name and a playful pink ink, adding a touch of humor to a prenuptial agreement.

pilot fountain pen

Just for the Fun of It:

  1. Doodling on a Foggy Window: Crayola Window Marker – washable markers for impermanent art on foggy windows.

  2. Writing Underwater (alternative): Pentel Aqua Brush – a refillable water brush for creating watercolor effects even underwater (on waterproof paper).

  3. Writing in Space (another option): Pentel Arts Krazy Pop Iridescent Gel Pen- a pressurized pen specifically designed by Pentel for space travel, another alternative to the Fisher Space Pen.

  4. Sketching Underwater Sea Creatures: Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils – lightfast and waterproof colored pencils for drawing vibrant sea creatures underwater (on waterproof paper).

  5. Writing a Eulogy: Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen – a reliable and affordable fountain pen for a eulogy.

For the Sentimental Writer:

  1. Writing Thank You Notes: Paper Source Thank You Note Pen Set – a beautiful pen set specifically designed for writing thank you notes.

  2. Writing a Farewell Message: Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen with disappearing ink – a pen with disappearing ink for writing a private farewell message (on paper specifically designed for vanishing ink).

montblanc fountain pen nib

Because Why Not?

  1. Writing a Fan Fiction Story: Montblanc Meisterstück Classique Fountain Pen – a luxurious fountain pen for writing a truly epic fan fiction story.

  2. Writing a Comic Book Script (alternative): Pentel Comic Manuscript Pad and Pen Set – a specialized pen and paper set designed for creating comic book scripts.

  3. Doodling in Meetings (discreetly): Pilot Frixion Clicker Erasable Pen – a clickable pen with erasable ink for discreet doodling in meetings.

  4. Writing Grocery Lists (reusable): Boogie Board Reusable Grocery List Pen – write your grocery list on a reusable surface, eliminating paper waste.

reuseable digital board

What is the Best and Easiest Way to Fulfill These Suggestions?

To fulfill these tasks effectively, you need reliable, versatile, and comfortable pens. Opt for different pens with ergonomic designs and ink that doesn’t smudge. Refillable pens are also good choices.

Additionally, exploring other pens can help you find the perfect match for specific tasks, highlighting the diversity of options available.

Whimsical Choosing of Specific Pens

Choosing the right pen can transform mundane tasks into delightful experiences. Picture yourself signing important documents with a sleek fountain pen, the ink flowing effortlessly as you leave your mark with elegance and grace.

Or envision doodling in your journal with a vibrant gel pen, each stroke bursting with color and creativity, turning your thoughts into works of art. With a wide array of pens, each one offers a unique expression of style and personality, making every writing moment a joyous occasion.

What Would Be the Best Pen to ‘Rule Them All’?

The ideal pen would combine the smoothness of a gel pen, the durability of a ballpoint, and the elegance of a fountain pen. It would adapt to various tasks seamlessly, making it the ultimate tool for everyday use,, which is not just any pen but the ‘only pen’ you might need.

all around pen

Fisher Eclipse Space Pen


A truly revolutionary writing instrument designed for use in extreme conditions. Its pressurized cartridge and special ink formula enable it to write in temperatures ranging from extreme cold to scorching heat underwater and even in zero gravity. Originally developed for astronauts, the Fisher Space Pen has become a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and anyone needing a reliable writing tool that performs flawlessly.

  • Upside Down Writing

  • Underwater Writing

  • Doesn’t Leak or Dry Up


  • Not comfortable for all


Ultimately, the quest for the perfect pen is as diverse as the tasks it’s meant to accomplish.

Whether it’s the smoothness of a gel pen or the reliability of a ballpoint, each pen offers its own unique charm. So, explore, experiment, and discover the pens that bring joy to your writing journey.


What pen is best for writing on glossy paper?

For glossy paper, consider using a fine-tip gel pen or a marker with quick-drying ink to prevent smudging. Are you wondering about the best pens for left-handed people? Fountain pens, known for their quick-drying ink and ergonomic designs, are highly suitable for left-handers, ensuring a smudge-free and comfortable writing experience.

Can left-handed people use any pen comfortably?

Left-handed individuals may prefer gel pens with quick-drying ink properties to avoid smudging, as well as pens with ergonomic designs for comfort during long writing sessions. Gel pens are particularly suitable for left-handers due to their smooth writing flow and quick-drying ink, which helps in preventing ink smearing.

Are expensive pens worth the investment?

It depends on your preferences and needs. While expensive pens may offer superior quality and durability, there are plenty of affordable options, including refillable gel ink pens, that perform just as well for everyday tasks.

How can I prevent my pens from drying out?

Store your pens cap-side down to keep the ink flowing smoothly. Additionally, avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

Are refillable pens better for the environment?

Yes, refillable pens are more sustainable than disposable ones since they reduce plastic waste. Look for pens with refillable ink cartridges or inkwells.

Can I use any type of pen for bullet journaling?

Yes, bullet journaling is highly customizable, so you can use any pen that suits your style and preferences. Experiment with different types of pens to find your perfect match.

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